Mr. Doug Allen founded the company in 1964. In the course of the company's development, experience has been gained in every facet of broadcast and communication engineering. This includes the initial design concept, system design and specification through project management of construction and final commissioning. Using up-to-date computer facilities and an extensive library of special application specific computer programs, the company is well prepared to handle any broadcast or communication project.

Since its establishment, D.E.M. Allen & Associates Ltd. has worked for hundreds of clients. Our clients span all of Canada plus international projects have been completed in Australia, Hong Kong, The Bahamas, South America and the U.S.A. The company's clients range from the largest international corporations operating both private and public broadcasting networks and facilities to the smallest new applicant for a single channel private broadcasting or communication link.

The company employs a team of professional engineers and technologists with combined broadcast and RF engineering experience in excess of 125 man-years. This pool of talent, seasoned in the Canadian and North American environment and experienced in international broadcasting applications and regulations, is available to assist you in any Broadcasting or Communications project throughout the world.